Amelie Goldfuß

Anger Phone
Fantastic Devices investigates how everyday experiences, psychological phenomena, narratives and emerging technologies all come together to shape people’s opinions and feelings about technical devices.
I explored the human-machine-relationship by planting fictional devices in real homes.
Most devices use not yet available technologies and require imagination in order to work.
These objects aren’t sleek finished products but mere materialised thought experiments. They are thought provoking tools that stimulate debate and help shaping points of view.
Product testers were invited to live with these fantastic devices for a couple of weeks. After the test phase they were asked about their experiences, thoughts and conversations about their object. Surprising opinions, mixed feelings and constructive misunderstandings were brought to light.

Guidance System for Pedestrians
Hereafter Phone

Algorithmic Decision Helper

Injection Kit for free Public Transportation

Research instrument for Micro-Robots
External DNA-Harddrive


Cargodrone for Households

Food for Household Robots