Smart Wellness


Julia Kunde
Amelie Goldfuß

Spinnereirundgang Leipzig 2018
Silbersalz Festival 2019
Kunst/Mitte 2019
Hole of Fame 2019


A smartphone is probably the one thing we hold in our hands more than anything else during the day. We touch, swipe, zoom, fiddle. But despite all the physical contact, the touching always remains functional. The phone is used. This is where this service comes in.
Smart Wellness offers a massage for two. People can get a quick spa treatment together with their smartphone or any other device – tailored to their individual needs.
The smartphone is stroked, polished and pampered by human hands without any intention of use.
Meanwhile, a friendly robot arm is dedicating itself to the human being, stroking her or him tenderly.

After the one-minute treatment, both of them leave the treatment relaxed and strengthened.
During the performance peoples’ perception of their devices and their relations to one another usually change, get challenged or intensify. Emotions range from love and affection to fear and envy.